Project Calico creator Tigera today has announced Calico Cluster Mesh, a lightweight service mesh created to ensure low-latency networking and security for multi-cluster Kubernetes deployments. 

According to Tigera, Calico Cluster Mesh “hides network complexity and simplifies service connectivity” for platform owners, DevOps teams, and SREs, by taking a new approach to secure microservices communication. Among the capabilities are: 

  • Seamless Service-to-Service Connectivity Across Clusters – Working across flat, cloud, and hybrid networks, this lightweight service mesh can provide connectivity for workloads across a variety of environments. It also provides a choice between TOR and Overlay VXLan networking options to minimize the need to implement network changes.  DNS connectivity is also offered to simplify cross-cluster networking.
  • Service Discovery and Security – The offering enables remote service discovery and interaction in multi-cluster environments. It also enforces consistent network security across those remote services, as well as local services. 
  • Observability and Troubleshooting – Calico Cluster Mesh allows users to visualize workload communication and application dependencies across clusters, allowing for easier troubleshooting of service communication issues, identification of security gaps, and enforcement of network security controls.
  • Multi-cluster Security Controls – Multiple clusters can be managed from a single interface, also benefiting observability and troubleshooting capabilities across clusters.

Learn more about the new solution here.

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