Microsoft has announced new updates and features for its IoT tool offerings, including the ability to deploy the Event Grid module and a standalone simulator for Azure IoT Edge.

Event Grid on IoT Edge brings the power and flexibility of Azure Event Grid to the edge for all pub/sub and event driven scenarios, the company explained. 

Also, the Azure IoT EdgeHub Dev Tool provides a local development experience with a simulator for creating, developing, testing, running, and debugging Azure IoT Edge modules and solutions, according to Microsoft. 

“Not every Azure IoT Edge developer, especially those using Windows as a development environment, has Python and Pip installed. Therefore, we have shipped a standalone simulator for Azure IoT EdgeHub Dev Tool so that developers who use Windows as development environment no longer need to setup Python environment,” Microsoft wrote in a blog post

The updates also add support Vcpkg, a cross-platform library manager, for IoT Plug and Play development. It helps developers manage C and C++ libraries on Windows, Linux and MacOS. 

The containerized toolchain can be used by configuring an existing C / C++ project and then deploying to the target device. Extra device libraries and packages were added. 

“We will continuously improve our IoT developer experience to empower every IoT developer on the planet to achieve more!,” Microsoft wrote.