Cloud infrastructure monitoring company SignalFx will support Amazon Web Services App Mesh when its platform launches later this year, allowing for expanded infrastructure visibility, the company announced.

SignalFx’s platform is meant to complement the efforts of Site Reliability Engineers and operations teams with streaming intelligence to assist with problem detection and troubleshooting, backed by AWS App Mesh capabilities, the company explained in its March announcement. The team-up also accelerates code deployment and allows for automated performance data capture for applications.

The platform will also feature pre-built dashboards featuring performance metrics and other visualizations, the company wrote in its announcement.

“Application developers and site reliability engineers are challenged by the complexity introduced by the distributed nature of microservices architectures,” SignalFx CTO Arijit Mukherji said in the announcement. “By supporting AWS App Mesh, SignalFx provides customers with system-wide monitoring and observability, pre-built visualization, and directed troubleshooting – all critical requirements for confidently adopting microservices at scale. Our AWS customers see AWS App Mesh as the easiest way to benefit from service mesh technology.”

Both companies highlighted the growing role of microservices in the release announcement.

“Customers are increasingly adopting microservices architectures to deliver innovation faster and to make applications more resilient,” Deepak Singh, director of compute services at Amazon Web Services, said in the announcement. “AWS App Mesh makes it easy to adopt service mesh to standardize communications across microservices and monitor performance data. SignalFx’s support for AWS App Mesh provides our customers with a seamless monitoring and observability solution that allows for real-time visibility and closed-loop automation such as dynamic traffic routing.”