Rundeck Inc., the modern IT operations software leader, today announced the availability of Rundeck Enterprise, the company’s enterprise-grade self-service operations platform. Rundeck Enterprise includes an array of new features, integrations and services that make it easy for Ops teams to handle business-critical tasks, shorten request queues, securely empower users outside of Ops, and prioritize strategic projects.

Reactions, new to Rundeck Enterprise, automates responses to changing Ops conditions so Ops teams can focus on business growth initiatives. Replacing manual, repetitive work like compliance checks, ticket creation, and resource provisioning with Rundeck Reactions saves time and valuable Ops resources. New integration with Splunk makes it easy to track and share Ops activity across the enterprise.

“Rundeck delivers Self-Service Operations, the critical last mile in Digital and DevOps transformations.” said Damon Edwards, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Rundeck. “Rundeck Enterprise provides the capabilities that enterprise Systems Administrators and SRE’s need to improve the speed and agility of their organization while simultaneously improving security and compliance. Self-service operations means fewer interruptions, fewer bottlenecks, and faster responses.”

Self-service Operations to Drive Business Growth

Today’s resource-constrained operations teams are expected to maintain optimal uptime, prevent breaches, and support compliance requirements across the business. Yet, much of this work is repetitive and could be handled outside of Ops. Rundeck’s self-service operations approach replaces processes and tasks where IT and Operations teams are considered ‘bottlenecks’ to other teams’ progress. Operations teams benefit from full control of security policies and access rights, while delivering a direct path for colleagues to securely accomplish specific goals, resulting in improved productivity and morale.

Rundeck Enterprise is built for self-service operations, with a full complement of management and security features, as well as support and training services, that address the needs of global enterprises for high availability, enterprise management, and security.

Key features and benefits new to Rundeck Enterprise include:

  • Reactions: Use Rundeck Enterprise to respond to changes, alerts, and events in your applications, infrastructure, monitoring, and ticketing. This event-driven automation kicks in when your monitoring notices a problem, and automatically gather timely troubleshooting data when any unusual or unexpected event occurs. Reduce the number of escalations to on-call staff and ensure that issues are resolved quickly and accurately with consistent information when staff do need to intervene. Increase Operations productivity by reducing interruptions to important work, while reducing the mean time to repair when staff really need to become involved.
  • Splunk Integration: Easy sharing of operations information across the enterprise in a Splunk dashboard. The following applications are available:
    • Rundeck Enterprise App for Splunk: Trigger Rundeck jobs against your infrastructure and applications from Splunk alerts. Also includes Enterprise level reporting tools for Rundeck users, nodes, and projects. Users can easily produce activity reports for auditors and management, track job activities by user or node, and add data from Rundeck to existing Splunk dashboards and reporting for greater visibility into Ops activity.
    • Rundeck Solution for Splunk: Makes it easy for Splunk admins to offer Splunk self-service to their internal users. Deploying Splunk forwarders to new systems, adding and managing indexes and clusters, and creating and managing team-specific applications no longer require tickets and the long waits. Companies can leverage their Splunk investment and reduce the need for ticket queues to accomplish minor or major tasks and manage capacity usage for optimal performance.
  • New Support and Training Programs: Professional support from Rundeck experts, robust onboarding programs, best practice training sessions with 1:1 tutorial options, and quarterly Rundeck health check sessions are now available to ensure customers maximize their Rundeck investment.

Additional Information and Resources

Rundeck Enterprise is available today and is offered as an annual subscription bundle that includes software, support, and training. Rundeck also announced new packages and pricing to support the new offering. For more information go here.