NodeSource, the Node.js® company, today announced the release of N|Solid 3.2, the latest version of its flagship platform for managing, securing and analyzing mission-critical Node.js applications. N|Solid 3.2 features new diagnostic functionality and an improved user interface for profiling visualizations and assets, making it easier for users to efficiently monitor and manage large-scale Node.js deployments.

As Node.js adoption continues to expand, organizations are more likely than ever before to find themselves managing large-scale deployments. The latest improvements in N|Solid 3.2 are designed to meet the unique application monitoring and security challenges faced by organizations of all sizes. Specifically, enhanced interactivity with visualizations, searchability and notifications complement other new features that support a better collaborative experience across multiple teams.

“As our customer base has grown along with the Node.js ecosystem, we saw the need for more powerful monitoring and management functionality in N|Solid, especially at the enterprise level,” said Thomas DeMeo, NodeSource’s Vice President of Product. “Among other major enhancements, N|Solid 3.2 delivers a more intuitive, interactive experience that makes working with Node.js applications faster and easier. It also provides more flexibility to explore Node.js metrics that no other tool can expose.”

Key version 3.2 enhancements include:

  • CPU profile visualizations are now “searchable” by function and filename, improving visibility by helping teams perform efficient and fine-grained searches of CPU profiles. They also show different colors for core code, third-party code, user code and N|Solid code, helping teams locate problematic code much faster.
  • CPU profiles and heap snapshots now keep track of their origin, providing richer data context to DevOps teams.
  • Five saved view presets now ship with the N|Solid Console, make powerful metrics comparisons, and enable out-of-the-box application insight. There were no default saved views in previous versions.

“The N|Solid platform empowers our customers to build superior Node.js applications with less infrastructure cost in order to gain a competitive market advantage,” continued DeMeo. “We’ve listened to their requests for the kind of functionality that makes version 3.2 more efficient , more reliable, and easier to use, even in high-stakes situations. The end result is reduced friction and a better overall user experience.”