Foreman is a complete lifecycle management tool that gives administrators the power to easily automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy applications, and proactively manage servers, on-premise or in the cloud. 

These automated repetitive tasks can include registering hosts or assigning roles to users. 

Users have the ability to provision from anywhere whether that’s from Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine, OpenStack, or many other providers. 

Also, an external node classifier, hiera-like parameters, and reports monitoring for Puppet, Salt and Chef are included and let users tweak host groups in their data centers. 

Foreman reports will say exactly what happened to nodes and identifies which hosts are healthy, and which ones are outdated.

Hammer CLIs show users all the API calls they need to stay on top of their data centers, and a thorough authorization system based on role based access control (RBAC) allows for tight policies for your Foreman users.

Additional details on the latest Foreman 2.3.3 are available here.