Cloudflare is open sourcing its in-house lightweight network vulnerability scanner Flan Scan. According to the company, Flan Scan was created after unsuccessful attempts with industry standard scanners. “A little over a year ago, we were paying a big vendor for their scanner until we realized it was one of our highest security costs and many of its features were not relevant to our setup. It became clear we were not getting our money’s worth,” the company wrote in a post.

Flan Scan detects open ports on a network, identifies services and versions, and provides a list of relevant CVEs affecting the network.

OneLogin provides enterprise security at scale on AWS
OneLogin announced support for AWS Session Tags, an identity service capability from AWS. The support will enable enterprises to add Attribute Based Access Control for secure authentication and authorization on multiple AWS accounts.

“This collaboration is a perfect pairing of AWS’s tremendous platform and OneLogin’s access management capabilities,” said Venkat Sathyamurthy, chief product officer at OneLogin. “With more than one million organizations using AWS all across the globe, we can help make a profound impact on digital security worldwide.”

OCF-over-Thread now available
In an effort to ensure a secure and interoperable IoT feature, The Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) along with the Thread Group announced OCF-over-Thread. OCF is an IoT standards body, and Thread Group is an alliance addressing interoperability, security, power and architecture challenges at the network later.

OCF-over-Thread is a certifiable solution designed to simplify the development of smart home and smart commercial building products.

“Part of OCF’s mission is to enable a secure, open, interoperable IoT,” said John Park, executive director of Open Connectivity Foundation. “By partnering with the Thread Group and providing a streamlined solution such as OCF-over-Thread, we are ensuring that the industry can create, certify, deploy and maintain IoT devices and applications with security and interoperability in mind. Interoperability is key to the future of the IoT, and we look forward to continuing our work with the Thread Group to reach our common goal of unlocking the potential of the IoT.”

Instana’s Pivotal Container Service support
Instana’s Kubernetes monitoring solution now supports Pivotal Container Services with the Instana Microservices Application Monitoring Tile for Pivotal Platform. According to the company, this will provide APM capabilities integrated with Kubernetes pods and container infrastructure monitoring.

“The number of Kubernetes-based applications continues to grow, and Instana is leading the charge for complete performance management,” said Pete Abrams, Instana co-founder and COO. “With the ability to achieve full automated visibility with a single click, the Instana tile gives Operations and Development professionals the observability they need to ensure their applications perform at the highest levels.”