The global media and technology company Comcast today announced multigigabit symmetrical Internet connection powered by 10G and Full Duplex DOCSIS 4.0.

According to the company, 10G technology works to improve the availability of ultra-fast speeds by delivering multigigabit symmetrical services over the connections that have already been installed in several homes worldwide.

Comcast stated that for the first live trial, the company connected a business location in the Philadelphia region to its live network including a DOCSIS 4.0-enabled 10G node as well as multiple cable modems to deliver high speed data service. 

Additionally, Comcast engineers tested symmetrical speeds over the connection and will continue trialing 10G technologies for the next few months. 

This is to prepare for the company’s plan to offer 10G-enabled services to customers in the later half of 2023.

“This live trial combines years of technology innovation and versatility to create a clear path to next-generation speed, reliability and performance for all the homes in our footprint, not just a select few,” said Charlie Herrin, president of technology, product, experience at Comcast Cable. “What excites us most about 10G technology is the ability to continue our longstanding commitment to delivering our best technologies to everyone we serve.”

According to Comcast, 10G is intended to improve latency performance, offering even better experiences with latency-sensitive applications such as gaming, videoconferencing, and telehealth.