IBM is making its IBM Cloud Private app platform available on its enterprise Cloud Managed Services (CMS) for the first time today.

According to the company, bringing these two solutions together will enable a security rich and production-ready cloud environment from CMS as well as speed up the development of cloud-native apps with the latest cloud-native DevOps capabilities from IBM Cloud Private.

“We see that organizations are aggressively transforming to respond faster to changing market, customer and competitive demands,” said Mark Slaga, GM for IBM Cloud Managed Application Services. “To support them in their journeys, IBM is continuously innovating and adapting its cloud offerings. By combining the power of IBM Cloud Managed Application Services and IBM Cloud Private, customers will be able to benefit from a highly-secure and versatile environment for managing and modernizing apps and turning decades of data into competitive advantage.”

IBM Cloud Private was launched last year as part of the company’s hybrid cloud strategy. It is based on Kubernetes containers and enables the ability to build, modernize and deploy apps in client-managed environments, the company explained.

CMS provides built-in security, disaster recovery and automated infrastructure and app management to provide security, flexibility and speed to users.

“The solution uses the power of Kubernetes container technology to add self-service Platform-as-a-Service capabilities to IBM’s managed CMS cloud infrastructure. In addition, IBM’s CMS clients can benefit from faster access to IBM’s analytics, data, middleware and Watson portfolios available through the IBM Cloud Private platform,” IBM wrote in the announcement.

IBM Cloud Private on CMS is expected to be fully operational and supported by IBM services by July.