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Griffin is an app created by Axway that provides assistance to team members and helps in the transitions involved in slowly opening offices around the world. 

The first major feature going into the Griffin App was to be an Office Scheduling assistant. 

This assistant in the app allows admins to set and change the normal max capacity for an office, as well as capacity for closed and open date ranges. 

Meanwhile, employees can utilize the app to schedule themselves for an office visit on a given date, get a visual view of the office schedule for the current month, get a 30-day visual view of office capacities for a selected office and much more. 

“At Axway, employee safety comes first. We strive to give employees clear communication and a choice in using our offices. But it proved complex.To start, office capacity is restricted differently by location. Desk arrangements require changes or that some be closed on alternating schedules,” Axway wrote in a blog post. “Policies and procedures need to be shared. Federal mandates require forms to be filled out, and even daily responses to health questions need to be answered.”

Additional details on the new app are available here.