Control plane company Upbound today released an update to its platform that the company said offers a unified managed Crossplane experience available as multitenant SaaS or on premises.

Organizations today struggle with managing data and resources across multi-cloud accounts, making it hard for platform teams to administer those platforms.

According to Upbound’s announcement, the release offers platform engineers new features, such as:

  • Connected Console: Customers can use the same Console and CLI experience when interacting with Upbound across both multi-tenant or single-tenant deployments hosted on their own infrastructure. Platform teams can now use the console to visualize, inspect and debug their entire platform, all from a single console with SSO and Upbound IAM.
  • Enhanced security: New APIs are available for operating single and group-level experiences. Shared secrets offer built-in support to connect managed control planes to external secret stores and are configurable for single and multi-Crossplane control plane access. Upbound Identity is available to manage access control across all managed control planes, wherever they run. Additionally, Shared Backups enable the configuration of automatic backup schedules to be applied to one or more managed control planes in a group. Customers can restore control planes to an earlier state from these backups.
  • Automatic upgrades and easy migration: Customers can use a configurable policy to auto-upgrade managed control planes by channel or pin to a specific Crossplane version. The control plane migrator can move open source Crossplane control planes to Upbound with two commands, making it easy to get started with Upbound.

“Many organizations struggle to manage disjointed software tool chains, which can lead to complexity and risk. Utilizing internal platforms is one way to tackle this problem, but building a platform can come with its own complexity,” Rachel Stephens, senior industry analyst with RedMonk, said in the announcement. “Control planes can help platform engineers enable developer velocity while also providing centralized governance and management capabilities. By abstracting the heavy lifting, control plane-enabled platforms and enterprise solutions like Upbound allow organizations to focus on delivering value to their customers.”