Twistlock is open sourcing its Cloud Discovery tool to help infrastructure, operations and security teams discover the “unknown unknowns” in their cloud environments. Cloud Discovery provides insight into what cloud native services are running and where.

According to the company, it can discover services like container registries, managed Kubernetes platforms, and serverless services through the cloud providers native platform APIs.

“In many organizations, IT ops, security, and audit personnel need to discover all the cloud native entities being used at their organizations,”  said John Morello, CTO of Twistlock. “This is often a result of development teams starting up resources and deploying cloud native applications, but the security or operations team may not always know exactly where they’re deploying them. We want to make that easy without creating any new security gaps.”

In addition, the company explained it features:

  • Network discovery for discovering cloud-native infrastructure and applications, such as Docker Registries and Kubernetes API servers
  • Ability to identify weak settings and authentication
  • Integration with DevSecOps processes
  • Ability to output data into standard JSON for easy integration with other tools

“Since our founding, we’ve been committed to enhancing security efforts for the cloud native community through upstream contributions to open source projects,” said Ben Bernstein, CEO of Twistlock. “From creating the authorization framework within Docker and Openshift and secrets management for Docker Swarm, to the release of Cloud Discovery  — open source is in our DNA. We hope Cloud Discovery helps the community and look forward to adding new features and components that benefit everyone.”

Cloud Discovery currently supports AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, with other platform support coming soon.