Serverless security company PureSec announced a successful round of series A funding totalling $7 million led by Square Peg Capital today alongside the release of a free service tier for the company’s serverless security runtime.

“We’re on a mission to protect each and every serverless application out there,” Shaked Zin, co-founder and CEO of PureSec, said in the announcement. “Transitioning to serverless can reduce the future attack surface of your organization to a bare minimum. With the cloud provider’s experts making sure your infrastructure is secure, and with the right serverless security platform to protect the application layer, your serverless application could be the most secure application you’ve ever built.”

According to the company, the PureSec platform was designed so that it “integrates into existing CI/CD process, providing static analysis of serverless code and cloud configurations, detecting misconfigurations and vulnerabilities while providing best-practices based mitigation.” This allows for self-monitoring applications with high visibility, the company explained.

The free tier will support up to three million invocations per month when it fully launches, with those who sign up early receiving a tailored advisory session with PureSec’s team.

“The free-tier plan helps bridge the gap between developers and security professionals by providing a mutual language and a clear standard for securing serverless applications,” the company wrote in the announcement.