Puppet introduced the public beta of Relay, an event-driven automation platform that automates across any cloud infrastructure, tools and APIs that developers, DevOps engineers, and SREs are managing manually currently.

“Without a way to manage and automate the flood of events and hundreds of APIs developers use – time, money and mental capital are being thrown away,” said Deepak Giridharagopal, the CTO of Puppet. “Many engineers try to create their own one-off automation tools or integration hubs, but this is inefficient and risky. Relay replaces this home-grown digital duct tape with reusable, proven, automated workflows. It’s like IFTTT, but for DevOps.” 

Relay connects many cloud platforms, tools, and APIs that DevOps engineers already use and relieves engineers of manual processes by listening to signals from disparate tools to automate workflows, according to the company. 

Relay can enforce security controls across infrastructures, including ensuring cloud storage buckets are secured, volumes are encrypted, or that unused SSH keys are removed from the account.

It can also proactively delete underutilized cloud resources such as unattached volumes, unused load balancers, and untagged instances to reduce cost. 

When new incidents arise, Relay extends PagerDuty or VictorOps by automatically remediating known issues or running diagnostic actions with Bolt.

Engineers can also connect Relay to Docker Hub or GitHub to automatically provision cloud infrastructure with Terraform or Pulumi and deploy the latest versions of their microservices to Kubernetes, Google Cloud Run, AWS Lambda and other platforms.

“Today’s tools are focused on analyzing and responding to historical data. In contrast, Relay enables real-time reactions to events as they occur,” said Alex Bilmes, the VP of growth at Puppet. “Relay intelligently responds to external signals by combining event-based triggers with a powerful workflow engine in a single platform.”

Additional details on the new solution are available here.