Solving the problem of wrong-way BGP routing

The Border Gateway Protocol – a foundational part of the internet – was designed to route information and data between systems. It’s been in use since 1994 and has been patched and modified over the years.  Incidents of traffic being routed incorrectly due to a misconfiguration, or simply a human error,  have been difficult for … continue reading

Catchpoint rolls out internet performance monitoring solutions

Catchpoint, long a player in the monitoring and observability space. today announced the release of capabilities that will help organizations ensure the resilience of what the company is calling “the internet stack.” With the release, the company is ramping up for its next phase, focusing on Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM), as businesses have become more … continue reading

The keynote at Gartner Infrastructure, Operations and Cloud Strategies Conference 2022

IT leaders must keep moving forward to keep pace with business goals

IT leaders need to keep moving forward by adopting new technologies and practices to keep pace with what the business needs to execute. That was the overarching theme of the keynote at the Gartner Infrastructure, Operations and Cloud Strategies Conference, held this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the talk, Gartner analysts Roger Williams, Dennis … continue reading

Containing cloud costs a team effort

Cloud computing has made it easier for development organizations to deliver software and updates more rapidly, by empowering engineering teams to autonomously create the environments they need, add more storage and leverage microservices through containers and Kubernetes management. But there is a downside. Cloud costs can spiral out of control if not watched carefully. And … continue reading

Adapting I&O to an ever-changing world

Your typical symphony orchestra has highly skilled musicians playing unique instruments, led by a conductor who meshes the talent, horns, winds and percussion into beautiful music. And, because of the skills of the musicians, the group can go from playing a Tchaikovsky overture to a “Looney Tunes” theme without — literally — missing a beat. … continue reading

Komodor Kubernetes troubleshooting platform closes $21M funding round

Komodor, a platform for streamlining Kubernetes troubleshooting, today announced $21 million in funding from Accel and angel investors. According to the company’s announcement, Komodor offers a unified view of events across the Kubernetes stack, providing developer and operations stakeholders with context and insight around those events so remediation can be done quickly and efficiently.  To … continue reading

Gartner’s top trends for I&O in 2021

As organizations come to realize that employees likely will continue working remotely even after vaccines for the coronavirus are administered, the need for operations to happen remotely is among the six top trends Gartner has identified for infrastructure and operations (I&O) in 2021. “The coronavirus pandemic has forced IT executives to adapt their operations to … continue reading

New Relic introduces AI suite for incident detection, resolution

Observability platform provider New Relic today is releasing a new suite of AI capabilities to help customers more quickly detect, assess and mitigate critical incidents. On-call DevOps and site reliability are tasked with monitoring massive amounts of information, and a big challenge is to find signals from a flood of alerts, to take action on … continue reading

A view of the future of I&O

No area of IT has been impacted more than infrastructure and operations in the past 20 years. Gartner analysts made that statement, and spoke about how I&O can change in the next five years to go from a “serve and protect” defensive posture to one that drives business innovation and value, at the analysis firm’s … continue reading

Chef to open-source all of its software, creates Enterprise Automation Stack

Chef, makers of infrastructure-as-code software, today announced it is moving all of its software to open source, and introducing a new commercial distribution that bundles its portfolio of products as the Chef Enterprise Automation Stack. The code for its five products — Chef Infra, InSpec, Habitat, Automate and Workstation — is in public GitHub repositories … continue reading

Making site reliability Blameless

As site reliability becomes more important as software releases grow in frequency and complexity, a startup called Blameless today released an SRE platform that can handle the increasing velocity of code deployments while offering faster, more efficient incident resolution. Ashar Rizqi, CEO of Blameless, said the company’s vision is to enable any modern software business … continue reading

SnapRoute delivers cloud-native network operating system

Saying that today’s network operating systems are keeping organizations from fully taking advantage of modern software architectures, SnapRoute today announced it is making available its Cloud Native Network Operating System (CN-NOS). The CN-NOS is containerized and cloud-native, and uses DevOps principles to give organizations the ability to deliver new services more rapidly and reliably as … continue reading

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