ScienceLogic today announced the release of capabilities that bring together data, AI and automation for a new approach to IT Operations — Autonomic IT.
Autonomic IT, which the company calls the next wave of IT monitoring and management, enables enterprises to focus on innovation and driving revenue by creating an IT operation that powers an autonomous business model.
“With support from the ScienceLogic SL1 platform, these enterprises can achieve improved, global hybrid cloud visibility, significantly reduce IT complexity and costs, diagnose root cause faster and leverage automation to slash manual effort as they progress towards the full realization of Autonomic IT,” ScienceLogic wrote in its announcement. “With Autonomic IT, organizations can rely on a self-managing IT environment that proactively monitors for and resolves issues as they appear, optimizing technology investments while running, and guiding IT teams with large language models to deliver an elevated, intelligent ecosystem.”
The Autonomic IT journey is a five-phase approach to business autonomy that the company said includes:
  • Phase 1: Siloed IT Monitoring – Building Capability
  • Phase 2: Coordinated IT – Consolidated Tools, Reduced Costs, Better Insights
  • Phase 3: Machine Assisted IT – Warming Up to Automation
  • Phase 4: AI-Advised IT – Using Generative AI to Guide and Automate Action for Faster Resolution
  • Phase 5: Autonomic IT – Fully Autonomous, Self-Optimizing State
To learn more, download the ebook “Accelerate Your Journey to Autonomic IT .”