Topic: ransomware

Microsoft update renders signed driver malware obsolete

Back in October, Microsoft was informed that drivers certified by Microsoft’s Windows Hardware Developer Program were being used in a malicious way in post-exploitation activity.  Microsoft was made aware of this activity by security companies SentinelOne, Mandiant, and Sophos and were quick to perform an investigation. Christopher Budd, senior manager of threat research in the … continue reading

RDoS attacks are becoming increasingly complicated with hacking group impersonators

Ransom Denial-of-Service (RDoS) campaigns in 2022 are becoming increasingly sophisticated while threat actors are leveraging advanced tactics to pressure their victims. Some of the more concerning RDoS attacks have come from groups claiming to be Phantom Squad and REvil. This is according to the “Ransom Denial-of-Service (RDoS) 2022” report by cybersecurity and application delivery solution … continue reading

Commvault announces new ransomware protection service

Commvault announced new ransomware services that help businesses prepare for, protect against, and respond to a growing number of cyber threats.  The new Commvault Ransomware Protection and Response Services offering provides the resources and expertise that is needed to protect customers’ Commvault solutions from an attack, review the state of their data protection solution over … continue reading

Three ways to protect Kubernetes data from ransomware

Ransomware attacks were up 150% from 2019 to 2020 with the amount paid by victims increasing by more than 300%. There is no question that ransomware can be devastating to businesses of all sizes – the very recent and very prominent ransomware attack on the Colonial Oil Pipeline underscores the potential for  disaster as attackers increasingly target … continue reading

BlackBerry launches a new ransomware recovery solution

BlackBerry Limited today announced its next-generation BlackBerry Workspaces content collaboration platform, featuring a new ransomware recovery capability that allows organizations to quickly recover from cyberattacks. Despite even the best precautions an organization can take, ransomware attacks will still happen. Ransomware attacks were the most common type of malware in 2017,1 and it’s projected that, by the … continue reading

A 5-step protection plan against ransomware

Ransomware has cost US businesses over $75 billion. According to the FBI, there are over 4,000 attacks every single day. If your organization hasn’t experienced an attack, it will. In a recent webinar sponsored by Veriato RansomSafe, Nick Cavalancia, founder of Techvangelism laid out a five step plan to thwart ransomware attacks that businesses can … continue reading Protection Status

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