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Achieving Proper Data Governance by Training Centrally; Inferring Locally; and Protecting Data Everywhere

After devoting much of 2023 to AI pilots and experiments following the debut of ChatGPT and GenAI, AI-minded organizations are now working to scale their AI initiatives to capitalize on their early but limited successes. Their goal? To integrate advanced AI capabilities across their operations for greater efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness. An April KPMG survey found that … continue reading

Surviving AI hype takes a human touch

We are in the midst of a massive AI hype cycle. As generative AI advancements have surpassed all expectations in the last few years, there have also been some AI rollouts within the tech industry that were not as effective as initially hoped. Deploying generative AI within organizations in an impactful way will require a … continue reading launches ChatGPT beta for improving incident response and analysis

Incident response and analysis company announced that it has integrated ChatGPT into its platform.  By utilizing large language models like ChatGPT, will help teams handle incidents and gain insights from them. The company has now extended its AI beta access to enterprise customers, positioning itself as a pioneer in using language models for … continue reading

Cloudflare announces zero-trust solution for companies experimenting with AI

Cloudflare One for AI was released as a collection of features that help teams build with the latest AI services while maintaining a zero-trust security posture. “Cloudflare One’s goal is to allow you to safely use the tools you need, wherever they live, without compromising performance. These features will feel familiar to any existing use … continue reading Protection Status

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