Gigamon Inc., the company leading the convergence of network and security operations to help organizations improve their security stance, today announced the acquisition of ICEBRG, a Seattle-based security company. The combination of network traffic visibility from the market-leading Gigamon platform and the next-generation approach that ICEBRG employs for the detection and triage of threats, will allow enterprises to reduce risk and keep pace with the rapidly evolving threat landscape.

Organizations currently rely on a set of disparate security tools which produce siloed views of the same data.  The duplication of functions such as data acquisition, analysis and alerts lead to inefficiencies in the security stack and higher operational costs.  Security teams, already suffering from chronic resource constraints and threat fatigue, must complete significant correlation after an event to produce actionable output and understand which events to investigate and which to ignore.  Ultimately, this delays threat investigation and impacts operational costs and response times, putting the organization at risk.

Using ICEBRG sensors deployed at customer locations, rich network traffic metadata is streamed into a cloud-based platform.  Security Operations Center (SOC) teams are empowered with a rich set of APIs, an advanced query language, enriched metadata and a set of automated detections that allow them to quickly identify and act with confidence to remediate only threats of the highest severity.  Offered as a SaaS solution, SOC and Incident Response teams can rapidly deploy new security technologies as ‘security applications’ and validate them with a robust data set built over time.

“The market is primed for a new approach to enterprise security that reduces risk, lowers cost, and increases leverage for SOC teams. Building on our success supporting Mobile Service Providers with a visibility solution, we see a similar opportunity to disrupt the security market with the addition of ICEBRG to the Gigamon Platform. This combination provides a compelling new way to enable Security Operations professionals to regain the upper-hand,” said Paul Hooper, CEO of Gigamon. “I am delighted to welcome the talented ICEBRG team, led by co-founders William Peteroy and Josh Carlson, to Gigamon and I’m excited to add a third R&D center in Seattle.”

“We are excited to join Gigamon, a company that shares our vision and desire to reshape the security market,” said William Peteroy, co-founder and CEO of ICEBRG. “The combination of the high-quality network data from the GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform and the ICEBRG cloud-based platform will power the next generation of security capabilities.  Together, our expertise in networking and security will help SOC teams focus on defending against the most severe threats in their environments.”

“Network data is the single source of truth, and that is the Gigamon sweet spot. They are well known for providing high fidelity and high-quality access to network data on prem and in the cloud. There are natural synergies between Gigamon and ICEBRG. The combined offering will give security teams a better way to prioritize and respond to the most urgent threats, potentially changing how we view security in the SOC of the future,” says Eric Ogren, Sr. Security Analyst at 451 Research.

The ICEBRG solution will be sold by the Gigamon Sales team and Gigamon partners around the globe.  For more information and to register for an informational webinar on ICEBRG, please visit (insert landing page URL).

Gigamon will be at Black Hat in Las Vegas on August 8th and 9th.  Be sure to stop by booth #1058 to learn more about the full portfolio of Gigamon solutions.